How to be Happy 5 Simple, Easy & Scientifically Proven Ways

How to be Happy : Simple, Easy & Scientifically Proven Ways – Today all the human beings wants to be happy. It is one of the most popular question more than 6 billion search results on google. So if you also want to know how to be happy, don’t feel anything before knowing it because you’re not alone.

Best way to be happy is first you have to appreciate what you have right now. You should not be sad for what you don’t have, instead of that start enjoying with the moment you have now and most importantly, You should have to thanks GOD at any situation.

5 – Simple Ways to be Happy

How to be Happy - joy

1. Start Celebrating

For knowing how to be happy, you don’t have to wait for birthdays or holidays to celebrate. Build your self-confidence by recognizing your greatness. Congratulate yourself for your achievements, even for the small ones. Use small wins to generate momentum for yourself. You will find it’s one of the best ways to be happy.

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2. Spend some time on Exercise

Did you know exercise releases endorphins. Most of the researches shows that a 15-minute jog can help reduce depression. Spending time exercising particularly in nature can not only improve heart health, but also mental health, happiness and well-being. So if you want to know how to be happy, you should also start daily exercise.

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3. Call your old & best friend

Having Whatsapp friends and Instagram followers and a large network is great, but it also lacks the meaning of close connection. So, reach out to someone who is important to you. Talk about whatever you want. You don’t have to say anything cheesy or uncomfortable. You have to just enjoy the conversation. Stats talking about your old funny memories,Your school or college days. This is the best way to be happy.

4. Start sleeping more

Sleep helps our body recover from the day and repair itself and that it helps us focus and be more productive. It turns out sleep is also important for happiness. Most adults need about 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. If you find yourself fighting the urge to nap during the day or just generally feel like you’re in a fog, your body may be telling you it needs more rest. Start sleeping more without the use of any medicines, this will definitely helps how to be happy.

5. Make yourself Busy

If you want to know how to be happy, you should have to be little more busy, spend your free time in doing something you like the most. It seems strange that being busy would cause one to be happy, but studies suggest that balanced free time is key to be happy, as too much boredom can be burdensome strive for a productive life at a comfortable pace. So start making your free time busy in doing anything you like the most because this will distract your mind from your sadness and from any other tension.